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How I was recruited
Just as everyone else here, I’m hoping to share my story to help others in a similar situation to avoid the predators that are MK consultants etc. 

I was recruited quite easily. I would love to say I’m not a gullible person but in this case I was. My friend did MK and we had known each other for around a year. She knew I had bi polar disorder among other mental issues. I am on government disability here in Canada, and you’re allowed to make a few thousand dollars a year without losing your benefit. They encourage you to work when you can even if it’s not consistent. 

I was telling her how I was struggling to find some seasonal work but because my mental health issues prevent me from being able to maintain work commitments consistently, I was at a loss. I later realized her interest in my work struggles was so she could recruit me. She then told me she had the perfect solution. I could be my own boss with MK. I could work my hours around my mental illness and I could make money part time. This would allow me to control my income so I wouldn’t lose my assistance but still have extra money coming in. This sounded great! Plus, she said, MK is so easy and you can make so much money, you could be able to go back to work full time and won’t need disability assistance anymore because you can still totally work around your illness!

I won’t get into my whole story here because we all know what happened. But I want friends and family members and heck, therapists to be aware that if you are disabled and receiving any kind of government assistance you are easy easy prey. They know you struggle with the guilt of not working and the dream of being normal and able to work. They also know they can get an inventory order out of you at the end of the month, every single month.

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