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Lauren Wagner Thousandaire
Or Gollum. My precioussssss.
[Image: 9uAv95y.jpg]

Lauren is so close!!!
This is so embarrassing I would just quit MK altogether.
I dunno Lauren, but couldn't you take time out from your "small business" and spend some time with your grandmother rather than pimp her out for sympathy spending from which neither she, your other apparent victims in that facility or the people who bee-LIE-ve that they are doing some good to those lives.

Organise a carol service, deliver some items they may actually want like home made treats, get an elementary school to do simple crafts with them. The list is endless rather than a crap three item bag and a business card with which you hope to ensnare a guilty adult to purchase something from you.
Right, give candy to diabetics, people on restricted diets, and people who can't swallow solid food.

I ordered stuff the nursing home said they needed (shockingly, mint bliss and cheap candy weren't on the list) from Amazon and took it over last week, plus a Dunkin gift card for the staff because since covid they can't accept food gifts.

Lauren is grandstanding, showboating trash.
What is an 85-year old in a wheelchair supposed to do with Mint Bliss Foot Lotion?

Most of the items will end up in the staff break room.
Sell in secret to home-party hostesses and then recruit them.  THIS they call a 'business.' ~~Raisinberry
[Image: 2eaxQNC.jpg]
She had a one hour Black Friday sale for 40% off
(11-25-2023, 02:20 PM)parsonsgreen Wrote: [Image: 2eaxQNC.jpg]
She had a one hour Black Friday sale for 40% off

And this means she didn’t break even. Remember the 40/60 split? This is assuming selling at suggested retail price. What she doesn’t tell us is the 0% profit she made. And…if she threw in samples and BOGOs or decorated items in cute packaging, it cost her to have this sale.
Was an IBC for 8 years, not a "Lazy Looser"

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