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Perfect answer to the guilt-tripping!
From Reddit ...

Someone came up with the perfect reply to that familiar "why aren't you supporting that single mom in the MLM?" tactic they screenshotted ....

Quote:People will shop (giant unethical businesses with lots of products manufactured by slave labour in environmentally destructive ways)...but no scams?

It's 2023 and I still see the "anti-scam" everywhere!

"I'm looking for an amazing shampoo but no scams."

"I am looking for a moisturizer but no scams."

"I'm looking for an opportunity to work from home and make money but no scams."

&I think to myself... But why? Why wouldn't you want to support a mom who is in a scam and trying to raise her kids from home?

Or your friend, sister, or cousin who's in a pyramid scheme?

Or a college student trying to juggle school and make some sort of income, who's losing what money they have to a scam?

Or someone trying not to live paycheck to paycheck anymore, who's been talked into seeing a scam as the answer?
That's GOLD.
Nurses: we can't fix stupid, but we sure as heck can sedate it.   Smile
(09-02-2023, 11:50 AM)CardiacRN Wrote: That's GOLD.

I only steal from the best

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