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I think Mary Kay is plagiarizing off of Avon
Mary Kay has a new perfume out called forever diamonds. Avon has one called rare diamonds. The botttles looks similar too. I am not a legal expert, but I am guessing that it is different enough to avoid a lawsuit. I just remembered that a popular vintage perfume is called white diamonds. Maybe they got idea off of that one. Or do you think it is just coincidence?
Armani also has a perfume called Diamonds and there's also one called Suddenly Diamonds. Diamonds are just a marketing thing used to invoke the image of "rich and classy" in order to sell stinkpretty.
White Diamonds was a perfume designed and sold by Elizabeth Taylor at many department stores and fragrance shops in the early 1990s. It's considered an iconinc fragrance by many and alludes the Taylor's jewels and gems.

As Popinki noted, many companies out there have been using diamonds in their marketing to sell products. MK and Avon are likely jumping on that bandwagon to sell the image of a high-end fragrance.
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