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Pampered Chef parties
Why, why WHYYYYYYYYYY is everybody back into the online FB group Pampered Chef parties this Fall?

I've gotten no less than 5 "party invites" in the last two weeks. And then, it fills up my notifications with "exciting promotions" for several days before finally disappearing, no one actually having purchased anything (I hope).


Thank you for tuning in for my totally nonsensical rant about a non-MK MLM.
I've been getting invites for Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and a few others lately, too. I click ignore because I ain't got time for that nonsense.

Plus, if I want anything from Pampered Chef, I watch FB marketplace for people having yard or estate sales with the intention of clearing that stuff out. There are bargains to be had!
Nurses: we can't fix stupid, but we sure as heck can sedate it.   Smile
As much as I am critical of any “business” that has an even remotely pyramid-shaped compensation plan, my brushes with such are historical (ie over a decade ago), so I consider myself pretty far removed from the participants and from being targeted by huns.

But I’ve been reacquainted with it via an old friend (living several states away and with whom I didn’t have much contact for several years) due to the death of one of our dear mutual friends earlier this year. I recently texted her as part of a small group text about putting together a monetary gift for our friend’s young twin sons on their birthday. Two days later, I get a generic fill in the blank text from her number inviting me to a get together at her house (five states away lol) where she was hosting an MLM party. Now, she knows where I live and that I’d never travel 18 hours round trip for some little product party at her house, so the fact that I was even a recipient of the text pissed me off. She must have given her “recruiter” (or whatever the title is) access to her contacts.

So I got that text and ignored it, but after that I still had to confirm with this friend that she was going to contribute to the boys’ birthday gift and texted her about that…she did Venmo me her contribution but later texted me to say she wanted to talk on the phone if I could find thirty free minutes. I ignored that text, bc I suspect this call will be an MLM spiel (there is no other situation requiring us to speak directly and especially not for “thirty minutes” lol). For the first time in years, I’m feeling the struggle of how do I politely tell a friend that I have ZERO interest in their pyramid scheme and refuse to discuss it at all? Especially because she might not realize it’s an MLM and wonder why I’m so against even just visiting the product link or partaking in the FB live or whatever.

Sorry guys, I just need to vent a minute bc I’ve been so far removed from MLM pitches that I forgot how challenging it is to politely decline when the person soliciting you is an actual friend (rather than some Pink predator at Target).

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